4 E-commerce Trends to Watch Out in 2018

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4 E-commerce Trends to Watch Out in 2018

Monitoring the e-commerce trends should not only be a hobby. Each trend requires to be analysed and integrated the right time if it is going to boost your e-commerce brand otherwise you might end up lagging behind in your competition. Here are 10 trends that you should watch out for in 2018.

Retail will either evolve or die

Retail is slowly dying, and this is because it is not growing at the required rate. When your customers only engage in the transaction level, and the main focus is on the price and discounting then your company will most likely be taken over by the bigger online businesses.

If you are in the retail business ensure that you make efforts to diversify the consumers techpoints, try innovating both the physical and online store to retain your clients.

Customers will drive retail innovation

When you are aware of what your customers think about you, then innovation will become simpler. So we should expect consumers and brands get closer in 2018. Focus on intensifying and paying keen attention to the voice of your client. Often take feedback, offer surveys and implement the customer’s ideas.

Manufacturers to interact directly with the customers

The direct interaction trend between manufacturers and consumers will continue in the year 20018 and also in the other years to come. Manufactures such as Casper and Unilever already have started to take advantage of this trend. Manufacturers mostly use social media platforms and online marketing to reach their targeted consumers directly leaving other brands out in the cold. If you are a manufacturer try to find the best digital experience platform so that you will able to interact directly with the consumers.

SaaS e-commerce platforms shall continue to be the first option for growth-conscious brands

The SaaS e-commerce platforms bring stability and speed as compared to other on premise platforms. The SaaS brands will continue to hone their products and also add new features so that they can offer the best sales and marketing services for their clients. If you are still not using the SaaS e-commerce platform now would be the appropriate time to do so. There is an emergence of new channels, the landscape is changing, and hence the benefits of using a SaaS e-commerce platform are more enticing.


2018 shall bring a lot of e-commerce trends, and it’s up to you to know the ones which you will follow and the ones that you will ignore. All in all, always follow the trends that will bring a positive outcome for your company.

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